Jaterl Tech Isolate Airflow Tech of Non-combustion weed herb vaporizer
2016-12-06 16:02:50

Jaterl Tech Isolate Airflow Tech of Non-combustion weed herb vaporizer

What is the airflow tech of non-combustion weed herb vaporizer?

Non-combustion weed vaporizer is named baking herb vaporizer too,which is a very popular herb vaporizer in the market by baking the herb,weed,hash instead of combustion. At present,most the non combustion weed vaporizers without isolate airflow tech,the air absorbed is not clean as the isolate airflow,like famous Titan 1,Titan 2 bake herb vaporizers.


Isolate airflow tech keep the airflow away from the battery,system board of the non-combustion herb vaporizer,which absorb the air sole,directly from the air.


Jaterl has acquired this tech,and has successfully applied isolate airflow tech into its self-design non combustion Homles pipe herb vaporizer. With,isolate airflow tech,Jaterl Homles can offer more pure and clean taste flavor,and a cool vaping experience. Want to know about isolate tech of non-combustion weed vaporizer,please visit our website www.jaterltech.com 

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