Dont Burning Any Vaporizers Cigarettes without Eliquid
2016-10-31 19:51:26

The Chemist suggested that "Dont Burning Any coil of Vaporizer Cigarettes without Eliquid" for it is too dangerous. 

People must have experiences for burning coils of vaporizers cigarettes;Sometimes we forget to put the eliquid,and there is a buning taste when we smoke.And get a bit pain and tears fall down when the fire smoking rush into the throat.

And there are also other reason to prove this:

  1. The coating of oxidation material is on the surface,and it may drop down when vaping,and be absorbed by the lungs.

  2. The particulate matter may result in allergy,for examples,nickel (Ni) may result in skin rash,itch,and rubedo.

  3. The particulate isnot good for body health.


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