World First bake herb vaporizer pipe
2016-10-18 22:17:41

As we all know,there are different dry herb pipes in the market,like water pipe,glass pipe,wood pipe.But all these dry herb pipes are traditional pipes,there work by burning the dry herb. But now,JATERL want to show a new tech dry herb vaporizer pipe,Jaterl Homles bake herb vaporizer pipe.


Though the engineers from Jaterl Tech have reached great success in bake herb vaporizer area,but they still feel deep depressed in september. Because,there are too many bake herb vaporizers in the market,so they didnot know which kinds of bake herb vaporizer will be best sell. But Sunshine always comes after rains,engineers suddenly think to the pipe. There are many dry herb pipe and pipe e-cigarette in the market, but dont have any bake herb vaporizer pipe. And thus the bake herb vaporizer pipe started to enter into JATERL family.


JATERL bake herb vaporizer pipe is used the bake technology instead of the traditional burning tech. It combines the traditional dry herb pipe with the vaporizer,keep the pure health vaping feel while enjoy the cool pipe.


Homles bake herb vaporizer pipe is really a great vaporizer,it can be the first pipe shape and first battery changeable bake herb vaporizer pen the world.


Want to know more about HOMLES bake herb vaporizer pipe,please visit www.jaterltech.com

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