UK Media Anti E-cigs Suddenly
2016-09-21 20:28:38

UK Media Anti Electronic Cigarette Suddenly

Uk is the nation support e-cigs strongerly in before,but UK media started to anti e-cigs sudenly in september.

The most obvious is Sun Newspaper,it tittled 'e-cigs is bad as cigarettes',and the same situation also happend on Mirror Newspaper,Post Newspaper,Telegram Newspaper,even the Thames Newspaper.

All this chaos was resulted at a declare "the effection of e-cigs to coronary artery".The arbitrary conclusion beside on

"Smoking e-cigs for 30 minutes is the same as smoking cigarettes 5 minutes".Charalambos Vlachopoulos decalred that smoking e-cigs can result in the same coronary artery as smoking cigarettes.

This statement seems to be right,but this is not a new discover,just like the declaration given by Clive Bates and other peoples.

As we all know, the nictine can result in temporary coronary artery,also include coffee,physical training,watching tv,reading book and listening music and shaking head.Compared with coffee,the effection brought by e-cigs is very small.

Vlachopoulos professor was aware of this point,but he didnot mentioned.He also didnot mention that the e-cigs effections will disapper in several munites,when the effection of cigarettes will last one hour even longer,and thus cigarettes will resuglt in permanent hurt to coronary artery.Unfortunely,medias didnot make any reseach for this for hurry to tittle.

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